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Our Services

Architectural Visualization, Animation, Branding and Web Design Solutions

At REA Design Studio, we help you bring your architectural projects to life.
We offer high quality architectural visualization, realistic architectural animations and impressive branding and web design services.

Our goal is to ensure that your projects are presented in the best possible way and to attract the attention of your target audience and take you to the top level. 

With our professional and innovative approaches, we make your projects more effective and memorable.

• Realistic Architectural Visualizations
• Impressive Presentations
• Effective Websites

Facade Design

Architectural Visualization and Animation

We enable you to impress your potential customers by visualizing your projects in the most realistic way. With 3D architectural visualization technologies, we clearly communicate your architectural vision and reveal the true potential of your project.

Brand and Web Design

We offer customized solutions to strengthen your brand's digital presence. We create modern and user-friendly websites to communicate effectively with your customers and make your brand more visible. 

Printed and Digital Media Design

We offer professional printed material designs to make your projects stand out and make an impressive impression. With brochures, catalogs, banners and other printed materials, we emphasize the important details of your project and create a strong bond with your customers. 

Our Process

You send your project to us.

We examine your project and prepare a suitable offer for you.

We start working after you approve the offer and make the down payment.

Final payment is received after revisions.

The project will be delivered to you on time.

Minimum Package

  • A Selected Animation (Indoor or Outdoor) - 30 sec

  • 2 Architectural Visualization

  • 1 Revision 

Our package prices vary according to your projects.

Standard Package

  • Architectural Animation (Indoor and Outdoor together) - 60 sec

  • 5 Architectural Visualization

  • A selected printed work (catalog, poster, banner...)

  • 2 Revision 

Our package prices vary according to your projects.

Premium Package

  • Architectural Animation (Indoor and Outdoor Together) - 60 sec

  • 5 Scene Architectural Visualization

  • Project Presentation Catalog 

  • Project Website

  • 3 Revision 

Our package prices vary according to your projects.

Our Packages

To take your projects to the next level, you can either make tailor-made choices or choose one of the packages we have created for you. Whichever package you choose, we are here to ensure that your projects are presented in the best way possible. With customized solutions for your needs, we turn your vision into reality. 

If you think that our packages are not enough for your needs, you can choose any of our services separately or add to our existing packages.

Our Services

  • Interior Architectural Visualization

  • Outdoor Architectural Visualization

  • Interior Architectural Animation

  • Outdoor Architectural Animation

  • 2D Plan Coloring

  • 3D Plan Images

  • Catalog Design (8-16-20 Pages)

  • Banner Design

  • Poster Design

  • Brochure Design

  • Layout Design

  • Brand Identity Design 

     (Logo, Business Card, File, Envelope,             edfCorporate Identity)

  • Website Design (3 pages or 5 pages)

  • Social Media Content (Instagram)

Haven't Decided Yet?
Free Consulting Opportunity!

If you are thinking about working on a project but don't know exactly how to start or what steps to take, don't worry. We want to help you through the process and support you in making the right decision.


Just leave your email address for a one-time, free 30-minute consultation session. We will contact you to arrange the most convenient date and time for you.

Thanks! We will contact you as soon as possible.

Dennis B., Netherlands

"I am really pleased with the logo design. It is both professional and customer friendly. The results are impressive"

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